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Wholesale Handmade Bath Bombs, Shea Butter Bubble Cups, Shower Chill PillsSolid Bubble Bath Bars, Cocoa Butter Bath Truffles, Gourmet Donut Bath Bombs and more are our speciality. With 10 years solid bath bomb experience hand pressing and blending, we are famous for our long lasting, fizzy bath ballistics. We started offering wholesale bath bombs around 10 years ago, and we still hand press them today. Because we are 'hands on' at every stage of the Bath Bomb process, we can carefully assess the quality of the batches as they are made, to ensure you get a consistently excellent fresh cosmetic product. Our wholesale bath bombs will get your organisation put on the radar!
If you've not had the pleasure of a handmade Bath Bomb, then you are in for a treat. Run a bath, take the phone off of the hook and hang a 'Do Not Disturb' sign on the bathroom door. Then climb into said bath, and only then do you release the Bath Bomb into the water... then simply relax as it fizzes and bubbles around you. All our Bath Bombs use natural ingredients to soften the bath water to help moisturise your skin instead of harsh chemicals which could leave you feeling a bit arid...

NB With so many varieties of handmade Bath Bomb to choose from, when you have made your selection you should allow at least an hour in the bath...

ALL our handmade Bath Bombs are SLS/SLES/MPG and Paraben free! We have a wide range of products available.

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